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Tough Choices... and Not So Tough Choices

Tough Choices... and Not So Tough Choices

Making Decisions Around Covid-19

These days, we are all forced to make tough decisions, as we navigate the ever changing covid crisis. Personally, my family struggles daily to make choices about what we will allow our children to do. We have two children and one of them has some unique challenges. We are trying to balance their immediate need for human connections and time with other kids with their safety and level of exposure. We are trying to figure out how our son gets the individualized academic support and therapy that he needs, without compromising his safety or ours. Do we let our kids go to camps so that we can get our work done or do we keep them home and know they won't be getting as much outdoor time or exercise? I also help take care of both of my parents, who live in Arlington, and who are immune compromised. So, every decision we make for our children could potentially impact my parents. We know that we have it better than most because we still have jobs, and mine is flexible enough that I can make our lives work, but it still so insanely difficult every day. We are all trying to entertain stir crazy kids, keep them off devices, work from home alongside spouses (office time is negotiated between us daily, in our house!), and figure out how to mitigate risks.

As part of my work, I am seeing those risks firsthand, as I monitor the news about Covid cases in our area daily. There are some days that the news is unbearable because I see lives being lost and I know it was 100% preventable. A few weeks ago, we lost a parent at our school to Covid-19 and it hit our community hard. I have never been one to tell people how to live their lives. However, in this case, all of us are affected by the actions of those who do not comply with basic guidelines. If people are smart and responsible and do their part for public safety, we can get these numbers back down! There are a lot of hard choices out there right now.... but there is one that is easy. Be responsible, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and do your part to ensure our community is safe. Simple as that.

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